Coach and advisor for teams and individuals

Life-coaching and career-coaching: take charge of your own life

Growth and development are essential for every organisation and in every improvement trajectory. As Coach and Advisor I offer inspiring training courses for teams and departments, executive coaching for managers and leaders and I help employees at every level advance through life-coaching and career-coaching. By making me your critical friend and serving fellow-traveller with a focus on the whole we will, together, achieve visible improvements and reach unity, satisfaction and personal leadership.

Team coaching: improve together and work well together

When coaching teams I encourage the team members to listen to each other’s points of view and to work together to remove obstructions. In a safe environment I teach the team to see problems not as threats but rather as opportunities for intensive communal growth. This very quickly creates the space that allows processes and collaborations to once again run smoothly so the team as a unit is better equipped to deal with any subsequent challenges. Team coaching will only have been successful if it has brought about a real, positive change in your team. Which is why I always focus on the end result: improvement.

Executive coaching: safe and discriminating growth in leadership

As a manager or leader you not only need professional expertise you must also be able to cooperate, inspire, focus on priorities, take decisions and be prepared to evaluate yourself. It’s challenging! Executive coaching teaches you, in a safe, independent and sometimes confrontational way, to put your own functioning under the microscope. By standing next to you and holding a mirror in front of you I am your critical companion on this journey.

My approach is inquiring, stimulating and result-oriented. Your questions, personal challenges and opportunities are central. I give you the space to be honest and to mull over various scenarios out loud without any consequences. I also teach you how you focus on your most important relationships whilst not losing sight of your greatest ace – yourself. In this way you once again come into contact with your inner motivation and drive and learn to utilise your leadership capabilities skilfully, honestly and optimally.

Life-coaching and career-coaching: take charge of your own life

Does your current work and life still reflect your personal aspirations and sources of inspiration? Does your life have purpose? Life coaching offers you a moment of reflection that will give you the necessary clarity. Together we will investigate who you are, who you want to be and what is stopping you from working and living enthusiastically and energetically. Based on fascination with and admiration for your individuality I help you to, with respect and love for everything that exists, once again take charge of your own life.

Do you need a new purpose in your career or have circumstances caused you to lose your way? Career coaching can bring about a positive turning point in your career. Based on your life story, talents and answers to specific questions I will help you understand who you are and who you want to be, what you are doing and what you want to do. I am result-oriented, curious, involved and non-judgemental. When we have discovered how you want to develop we can set to work with concrete action points.

Do you want to unify, improve and expand?

When coaching and advising I assess the needs of your employees with your goal in mind. I take their resilience into account, encourage them to use their capabilities with confidence and make your vision and strategy come alive to them. The result will be that they perform better and with more pleasure and satisfaction both as individuals and as a team.

Are you going to opt for collective growth, personal leadership, unity and improvement? Or are you curious to see a ‘snapshot’ of your organisational culture? If you are contact me to discuss the possibilities. Coaching and advice can be provided in separate one-off sessions or by involving me as coach, internal advisor or organisational advisor on a tailor-made project basis.

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