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Growth and development are vital for every healthy organisation. Very often a small change is sufficient, but sometimes a more radical improvement is needed, for example to make operations more efficient, professional and pleasant, improve quality or reduce costs. Improving the operating processes and collaborations within organisations in a very short time is what I do as an Improvement Manager. With the professional help of ellydelorijn.com the change you desire will be achieved faster, more smoothly and in a way that is embraced by the entire organisation.

Every change revolves around improvement

My goal is improvement with every change. But real improvement will only be attained if the changes are implemented with respect at every level and, as a result, are accepted by everyone within the organisation. To achieve this a healthy living, learning and working climate, shared aspirations and responsibilities, horizontal and vertical linkage and a good balance between the ‘hard’ and ‘soft’ approaches are, in my view, essential. Personal leadership is also extremely important in every improvement process. Personal leadership means that every person is the ‘manager’ of his or her own life and career, that everyone recognises and accepts their own professional boundaries and by so doing takes responsibility for their own actions.

An organisation with long-term value

As a strategic leader and improvement manager my mission is to make your organisation’s long-term value and vision visible in a sustainable way. With an anthropological eye I will look at your organisational culture and select my interventions. Throughout the entire improvement trajectory I constantly tune the content and process to each other, tactically and directionally, and always with your people and their learning and development process in mind. It is indeed your people who keep your organisation running. I improve the functioning and interaction of individuals and teams on both the behavioural and process-management fronts using a combination of my Lean Black Belt certificate skills, my coaching skills and my expertise in learning and development.

Elly de Lorijn, Improvement Manager

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Will improvements be needed in your organisation in the near future? Are your people your number-one priority? If so, enlist the help of ellydelorijn.com as Interim Manager, Coach or Advisor. In all these roles I am your dynamic and unifying Improvement Manager.


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Interim Manager with transformative power

Do you want to work together more efficiently, professionally and enjoyably? Improve quality and reduce costs? As Interim Manager I will steer your organisation through the desired improvement project. In a short time I will improve your operating processes and teamwork and do so with the support of your employees.

Strategic leader

I am a pure-bred improver, unifier and strategic leader who sets realistic and achievable goals. With you and your staff we will implement successful improvements that will be accepted by everyone in the organisation. Read more about “Interim Manager with transformative power”

Coach and advisor for teams and individuals

No improvement without insight. I coach and advise teams and departments during their growth and improvement processes. Listening to each other and clearing obstacles together creates space for development and supple collaboration and ensures that, as a team, you are better equipped to deal with future challenges.

Personal leadership

I teach individuals to once again take charge of their own lives. Managers and leaders benefit from executive coaching, while career coaching and life coaching are useful for employees at every level. Read more about “Coach and advisor for teams and individuals”

Get to know improver and world citizen Elly de Lorijn

As a world citizen I am interested in people and love diversity in organisations. In my view improvement doesn’t just involve processes, first and foremost it involves people. This is why I combine ‘hard’ and ‘soft’ and at every level seek unity between people and teams, functions and tasks, processes and results.

Serving fellow-traveller

In me you have an improver who focuses on people and takes everything into account. A fellow-traveller who strives to bring out the best in teams and individuals both as people and as professionals. Read more about “Get to know improver and world citizen Elly de Lorijn”